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Trinity Prep team can debate with the best in U.S.

They may not draw cheerleaders and adoring crowds of spectators, but the speech and debate team at Trinity Preparatory School is bringing home trophies by the case.

And they’re doing it for perfecting a skill that many people know little about.

There’s Richelle Burke, a high-school senior who portrays Lena Horne using the singer’s own words. Teammate Miles Saffran can compare the merits of Eric Cantor versus John Boehner as U.S. House Speaker on 30 minutes’ notice.

Matthew Pregasen, a senior, can hold up one end of a Lincoln-Douglas debate at a speed of 150 words per minute. And the duo of Marc Lacognata and Liam Philiben is nationally ranked for their skill of bringing a novel to life — in 10 minutes, without props and without looking at each other.

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